green-envy-halfGreen Envy is my latest theme created with Artisteer. I’m really having a blast with Artisteer. It lets me create the basic theme very quickly. Then I can spend my time improving it and adding features that put the theme in the premium range as far as options and flexibility go.

Green Envy is a magazine style theme and is loaded with features expecially if your looking for a theme that is set up for Google Adsense.

Major Features of Green Envy

  • Place the navigation above or below the header
  • Random header image – 10 different headers included
  • Support 125×125 ads above the content
  • Banner ad in header
  • Banner ad between the 2nd & 3rd row of posts
  • Banner ad below the title of single posts
  • 300×250 ad block in sidebar
  • Featured video block in sidebar
  • Categories arranged in two rows in sidebar
  • Google Analytics in footer
  • WP-Pagenavi support built in
  • Supports sticky posts

All features are managed from the WordPress admin panel.


Required Plugins

Green Envy only requires two plugins, WP-Pagenavi for nice page navigation and WP125 for 125×125 ad management.

Well that’s about it. Download it, try it out and tell me what you think.

Demo Site


Download Now:
Version: 1.0
Updated: July 5, 2009
Size: 413.38 KB
Downloaded: 986 Times

Copyright & License

Green Envy is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL).

2009 © Bud Griffin

  • Jessamy says:

    I love this theme- the layout is so FUNCTIONAL.

  • Jessamy says:

    can we follow your tweets?

    • Bud says:

      No Twitter yet.

      Maybe I should get set up since the whole world seems to be tweeting.

  • Melissa says:

    AWESOME! Do you mind telling me how I can I get the posts to show up in that kind of format? I’ve been wanting to do that with my own blog, but I have no clue how to do so.

  • Bud says:

    If you download the theme and look at the index.php file, you can see where I modified The Loop. Just apply those changes to The Loop in your index.php file. You’ll also need to look in the extras.css file for styles associated with my layout.

    If you’re using an Artisteer generated theme you may be able to use the Green Envy index.php file and associated css styles in place of yours.

    Remember, backup you files and never overwrite your originals.

  • Melissa says:

    Thanks so much :) I’ll download and have a look!

  • Bob says:

    What No Twitter Yet!! (kidding)

    Nice theme and lots of good info Bud. Thanks for putting it out there.

    - Bob

  • Joe says:

    How can you specify what category the articles are pulled from? And how many? I’ve tried a couple of things, but only succeeded in breaking theme. Help would be great!

    • admin says:

      The front page just shows all of the recent posts as if was the main blog page. If you want to show posts from a particular category you would need to do a wp_query to get a specific category and the number of posts you want to display.

      What you need to do is replace this…

      < ?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

      With this…

      < ?php query_posts('showposts=3&cat=6'); ?>

      It should be around line 28 in the index.php file.

      You should reset the wp_query so it doesn’t mess something else up. Add the following at about line 98.

      < ?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

      Also you should keep the total posts to display on one page (10 or less). The wp_query tag doesn’t play nice with pagination so no telling what you’d get on subsequent pages.

      I haven’t tried it out on the theme but it should work. If you have problems just leave a message and I’ll fix you up.

      P.S. For some reason the code tag in the comments adds a space before the ?. So remove the extra space between the < and the ? (< ?) at the beginning in all of the above code.

      • Joe says:

        Thanks a lot for the help. I hacked around & got it to work, but now it repeats the first post twice. And I really do appreciate the help. I also had to cut the elseif: because i kept getting errors. If I can get this to work there is one more mod to your theme i’m trying. As is, it strips out and pics in the posts. Can this be changed?

      • Joe says:

        Ok fixed the repeat issue, but still would like it to display images, of other media from posts. I know Im a pretty demanding stranger, but if you can help, i need help.

      • admin says:

        Instead of using “the_content ” to display the post it uses “the_content_rss”. This strips all of the formatting and images from the post and sets the number of words to display. That way everything fits in the post box. You would probably need to use something like timthumb.php to grab an image and then all the CSS would need to be messed with to make it work. Plus there’s not much room to put in an image.

        Maybe my Blue Moon theme would work better because it has timthumb included and has more room for images. Plus you can turn off most of the features if you don’t want them.

        But if you just gotta have the green theme I’ll see what I can do. Let me know.

      • Joe says:

        I like that theme also, but I need the grid styling of green envy. I replaced the content_rss with the_contenet, works awesome! Your right I’ll need to tweak css, and other stuff, but still works. What Ive wanted to do, is create a category specific to the front page, and have control over it. I use multiple categories, splitting up types of posts ie news, media, blog post page.
        I am fascinated with how you tweak Artisteer, I would love to be able to do the same thing.
        I’ve added a custom archive page into the build, so I don’t have to keep adding it in the wp cms. But it would be nice to add more features into Artisteer.
        Thanks tons & tons for your help!

      • admin says:

        You could also try the plugin “limit_post”. You just have to modify the “the_content” to “the_content_limit”. You can also specify how many characters to display: “the_content_limit(300, “Read More”)”.

      • Adam says:

        Joe, get_the_image wordpress plugin would be one way to accomplish that:

        Bud, I’m really impressed with your work, especially how you added that functionality to Green Envy. Wow!

  • Kevin says:

    The theme is so wonderful, it’s a good job. By the way, is it possible to transform it to be suitable for drupal?

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