pink-cadillacThe Pink Cadillac theme came about almost by accident. I had already done the basic theme color scheme but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Then about a week ago I made contact with a WordPress user who wanted to make a sub-header area similar to a site he liked. He wasn’t sure how to go about doing it so I volunteered to help him out. Then BINGO, Pink Cadillac was born.

Pink Cadillac is loaded with features. It comes standard with four widgets predefined but uses only three. The fourth widget can be used for whatever you need. It would work great on a custom template page for example.

The four widgets are: Sidebar 1, Sidebar 2, widget_center and home_bottom. The readme file that comes with the theme explains how to use all of the features.

The theme also comes loaded with semantic classes for body, post and comments. Thanks to Sandbox for these features. It really gives a lot of control to the styling of the theme.

Home page post thumbnail images

If you want to include thumbnails on the home page it’s easy with a custom field. Simply assign the name “thumb” with the url of your image. That’s it.


Home page sticky post styling

The theme also supports “sticky” posts. Sticky posts are posts that will stay at the top of the home page no matter what date they were originally posted on.

sticky_postYou can change the default styling by editing the CSS associated with the sticky class in the extras.css file…

Google Adsense areas

There are two Adsense areas. A 468×60 ad block in the upper right header. And a 468×60 ad block that appears between post three and four on the home page.

The Adsense code is changed by editing the header.php and home.php files in the commented locations.



The sub-header located below the navigation is divided into three columns.  By default static content from the header.php file is displayed. The center column is a widget area and when activated will display the widget data.


Custom 404 error page

The 404 error page is probably the most neglected page on any site. In a word…BORING. So I’ve included a hopped up 404 error page that suits my style. Of course you can change it to anything you want.

Here’s a list of the features that come standard with Pink Cadillac:

  1. Full width area between the navigation and main content:
    • Divided into thirds
    • Middle section widgetized
    • Expands to fit content
    • Use any HTML/PHP content
  2. Two Adsense areas:
    • One 468×60 in header
    • One 468×60 between third & fourth post
  3. Widgetized area below main content that can be used for:
    • Large Amazon ad carousel
    • Large text widget with anything in it you want
    • Database query
    • Collapses when there are no widgets defined
  4. Semantic classes for body, posts and comments. Allowing you to:
    • Control the look of an individual post
    • Style page based on visitor browser and OS
    • Style based on whether visitor is logged in/out
    • Change style based on day, week, month, hour, minute etc
  5. Sticky post class defined on home page with special CSS styling
  6. Post excerpts on home page with thumbnails via custom fields
  7. Custom 404 error page. No boring stuff here.


The only required plugin is limit_posts. This plugin does exactly what it’s name implies, it limits the length of a post to a predetermined number of characters.

You can use any other plugins that you find useful.

One thing to remember is to turn off all of your widgets you have enabled. Since this theme has different widget names, WordPress may not know what to do with the widgets you have already assigned.

Well that’s about it. Download it, try it out and tell me what you think.

Demo Site


Download Now: Pink Cadillac
Version: 1.0
Updated: June 27, 2009
Size: 417.04 KB
Downloaded: 569 Times

Copyright & License

Pink Cadillac is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL).

2009 © Bud Griffin

  • Robert says:

    My friend, you work awesome with artisteer and WP. Best wishes for you, is nice to see people who knows how to use these kind of resources so well.

    • Janet says:

      I agree… I’m completely blown away with what you create with Artisteer!
      It’s obvious you love what you do! Thank you for sharing!

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